Working with us

Working with usCooking is just as much about education as it is about creating delicious dishes.

Our aim at Cooking Like Cleopatra is to pass on a real passion for cooking along with the skills and confidence to produce authentic Egyptian dishes.

We work with cookery schools and further education colleges across the UK to teach students a range of dishes using vegetables, pulses, lentils, bread, fish, eggs, meat and dairy products, enriched with the flavours and aromas of Egypt.

We also teach about the cultural traditions of the country, its history and its relationship to its food.

The dishes eaten in Egypt are very healthy yet – thanks to the rich spices – provide a new taste sensation for many people. We want to teach students about the delights of Egyptian food – whether they go on to become professional cooks themselves or just use their skills in their own kitchens.

Cooking Like Cleopatra also works closely with primary school children to fit in with the national curriculum on ancient Egypt. We love working with the youngsters, who are always enthusiastic and keen to both try cooking as well as taste unfamiliar dishes. Seeing and tasting what ancient Egyptians ate really brings history to life.

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