Marina's grandmother, Marina's uncle Kamahl, Marina's uncle Rezk, Marina's beloved auntie Mouneira, Marina's dad Zaher

Marina’s grandmother, Marina’s uncle Kamahl, Marina’s uncle Rezk, Marina’s beloved auntie Mouneira, Marina’s dad Zaher

Marina Ibrahim launched Cooking Like Cleopatra in 2013 after spending many years impressing friends, family and colleagues with her passionate cooking of authentic cuisine from her shared native country of Egypt.

Whilst being brought up with her families in both Egypt and Germany it was for Marina’s childhood memories of living with her father’s family in Nag Hammadi, a small village north of Luxor that started off her love and passion for Egyptian food. And it was for the amazing cooking and hosting skills of her beloved Aunty Mouneira in Cairo that brought Marina into learning about Egyptian cooking.

After travelling all over the world, Marina settled in one of the most popular food capitals outside of London – Ludlow in Shropshire.

This is where Cooking Like Cleopatra was born and has since seen Marina and her team take the art of Egyptian cooking to people across the country, offering corporate functions, team building days, hen parties, special birthdays, bespoke cookery courses and demonstrations at a host of leading shows and events.


Marina Ibrahim

The recipes Marina shares with her audience and course attendees date back to the ancient pharaohs and include family secrets but with a small pot of Cooking Like Cleopatra’s Dukka in hand they can replicate the dishes back at home.

Marina’s passion to introduce people to healthy authentic Egyptian vegetarian meals sees her offer demonstrations and courses using vegetables, pulses, lentils, bread, eggs and dairy products enriched and grafted with Egyptian spices and herbs.

With her vast knowledge of Egypt, its cultural traditions, history and of course food, Marina encapsulates a taste of “real” Egypt and brings it back to the UK for everyone to enjoy.

If you would like to find out more about what Cooking Like Cleopatra could offer your business, organisation or event contact Marina for a no-obligation chat.