• BBC Sunday Kitchen: Interview with Paul Shuttleworth

    BBC Sunday Kitchen: Interview with Paul Shuttleworth

    8th January, 2017

    Delicious Coptic Christmas Recipes Thank you Paul for inviting me back to Sunday Kitchen Show at BBC Radio Shropshire. I brought some delicious Egyptian recipes with me for him to taste. We talked about how I celebrated Christmas. Well, with me being German-Egyptian I have family in Germany as well as in Egypt. And I now live in Shropshire. It is not a straight forward…

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  • Ludlow Food Festival 2016

    Ludlow Food Festival 2016

    9th September, 2016

    Thoroughly enjoyed presenting at yesterday’s SlowFood Event “Flavours of North-Africa” at Ludlow Food Festival which took place on Friday, 9 September at Ludlow Castle. Together with Sophie Browne from The The M’hencha Company we both introduced to Slow Food aficionados and guests the cultures, tastes and flavours around Egypt’s magic bean recipes…

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  • Ludlow Food Festival 2015

    15th September, 2015

    This year’s Ludlow Food Festival saw sold out Egyptian Masterclasses, the launch of “Made in Shropshire” featuring Cooking Like Cleopatra (page 150)’ and Marina’s new Egyptian Cook Book – absolutely delighted about the buzz and fun we had! Thank you all! Love & (((hugs))) xxx

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  • My culinary trip to Byblos, Lebanon

    25th April, 2015

    My culinary trip to Byblos, Lebanon Considering it’s from one of the oldest civilisations in the world, Egyptian food is not as well known as it should be, and I am delighted to have a new ally in my quest – Alice Edde and the team from Edde Sands – invited me to bring it to Food Lovers, Recipe Explorers and Health & Wellness Aficionados in Byblos, The Lebanon.…

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  • Pharaonic Tales & Ales

    28th March, 2015

    Cooking Like Cleopatra has teamed up with HOBSONS Brewery to organise a special event, which will combine Shropshire ales with Egyptian mezze. The inspiration for the event, which took place on Thursday, March 26, came from the recent discovery of a 3,000 year old tomb of an ancient beer brewer in Luxor. The evening will allow guests to taste popular Egyptian vegetarian…

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  • Egyptian food gets ‘Hairy’!

    3rd February, 2015

    Considering it’s from one of the oldest civilisations in the world, Egyptian food is not as well known as it should be, and I am delighted to have a new ally in my quest to bring it to the masses. Dave Myers, one half of the Hairy Bikers duo, was recently in a new TV show all about Egypt and its food. A Cook Abroad on BBC Two highlights a different chef each week who visits…

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  • Secrets of ancient Egypt revealed

    24th January, 2015

    Marina Ibrahim one of the guest speakers at the launch event of ‘Secret Egypt – Unravelling Truth from Myth’ at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery which opened the doors for its brand new blockbuster exhibition on 23 January 2015). Some of Egypt’s best-kept secrets about food and recipes are as old as the pharaohs: Did you know that the diet of the workers who…

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  • Talking to the World About Egypt

    5th November, 2014

    Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised to learn that I love talking to people about Egyptian food. So, I was honoured and excited to be invited by the Egypt State Tourism Office to provide a “Taste of Egypt” culinary samples for their stand at the World Travel Market in London. It was an amazing event and I met lots of wonderful people who were intrigued and impressed by…

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  • Reconnecting with Egypt

    27th October, 2014

    Although I am lucky enough to work with Egyptian food every day, I must admit that I don’t get the chance to visit my native country as often as I would like. So it was a great pleasure to be able to spend some time in Egypt recently to visit family and friends and really touch base with the country again because I hadn’t been there for a while. It was wonderful to…

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  • Ludlow Food Festival 2014

    14th September, 2014

    EGYPTIAN COOKERY CLASSES SOLD OUT! Fab event as always – Ludlow Food Festival’s 20th Anniversary and it has got bigger and bigger and more attractive. This year’s Festival is bursting with good things to eat, see and do! 2014 combines all the best elements of past festivals including the ever popular sausage, ale and bread trails; pudding tasting, the market…

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