Team Building

Looking for ideas for a different and unusual corporate team building event?

Team developmentRather than dragging your colleagues across a wobbly rope bridge stretched between two tall trees, why not add some spice to things and book them on a Cooking with Cleopatra course?

Let’s be honest, learning how to create a delicious meal for friends and family will be much more useful for most of us in life than how to weave a basket.

And what brings people together better than food and the enjoyment of a good meal?

Like all our courses, you will learn how to prepare five mezze dishes, some of them with recipes dating back to the time of the pharaohs. Egyptian teas and appetizers are included and each session is centred around a meal of the mezze dishes your team will prepare.

Team developmentIn addition to the practical cooking skills, a Cooking with Cleopatra team building course also provides an introduction to Egyptian culture, making it a truly cross cultural team building day.

This will raise the cross cultural awareness for participants, which improves inter-cultural communication, management and leadership.

Cultural awareness training in the workplace is something course leader Marina feels passionately about and carries out seamlessly as part of her Cooking with Cleopatra sessions.

For more information or to book a Cooking with Cleopatra cooking team building day, contact Marina here.