Marina’s Egyptian Cookbook (Printed & Signed)




“Marina’s Egyptian Cookbook – Eat like a Pharaoh with these 12 Delicious Dukka Recipes” is now available as printed book (as well as E-book – due to be launched in 2016 tbc) and it contains twelve delicious and easy to prepare vegetarian, vegan mezze dishes.

20 pages, printed & wiro-bound.

Whilst being brought up with her families in both Egypt and Germany it was for the amazing cooking and hosting skills of her beloved Aunty Mouneira in Cairo that brought Marina into learning about Egyptian cooking.

Living in Shropshire’s beautiful food town of Ludlow and having access to super fresh produce has inspired Marina to develop her own style and add some modern twists to cooking Egyptian vegetarian mezze.

Her beautifully designed booklet has been created in collaboration with some great artistic professionals in Shropshire: food photographer Ashleigh Cadet ( and graphic designer Matthew Lloyd ( who also runs his own food business The Fabulous Coboven Company ( and printed by

My from Luxor-to-Ludlow collection includes the following recipes:

1. Kushari (Egyptian Street Food Snack) 2. Ful Medammes (Egypt’s National Dish) 3. Salatar Bangar (Beet Rot Salad) 4. Baba Ghanough (Aubergine Dip) 5. Shurbit Bassila bi na’a na’a (Pea Mint Soup) 6. Shak Shuka (Eggs in Tomato sauce) 7. Tomato & Walnut Salad 8. Ful Ta’amya (Egytpian Felafel) 9. Bittingan Ma’li Bil khall wa tuum (Roasted Aubergines Mezze) 10. Mahshi (stuffed Vegetables) 11. Jewels of the nile (Date Truffles) 12. Pan-roasted Cauliflower

Some of the recipes date back to the times of the ancient pharaohs. Adding Cleopatra’s spice & nut mix ‘Dukka’ to each recipe will brings some of the tastes from Luxor to Ludlow.

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