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BBC Sunday Kitchen: Interview with Paul Shuttleworth

Posted 8th January, 2017

Delicious Coptic Christmas Recipes

Thank you Paul for inviting me back to Sunday Kitchen Show at BBC Radio Shropshire. I brought some delicious Egyptian recipes with me for him to taste. We talked about how I celebrated Christmas. Well, with me being German-Egyptian I have family in Germany as well as in Egypt. And I now live in Shropshire. It is not a straight forward question to answer. In fact, the Germans, the Coptic Egyptians and the British all prepare and celebrate Christmas differently. It couldn’t be more diverse. Not only are there different ingredients and recipes. They also have varied styles of cooking.There is for instance the rather competitive “my kitchen is my castle method”. Or the more community-based “the more cooks the better the broth approach”. The ones cook for praise and achievement. The others cook for a fun and gossipy get-together.

Tasting Culture

As Intercultural Consultant I love discovering, explaining and teaching different cultures. For a better understanding and respect amongst each other it is important. Traditional events bring these differences to the forefront. But it is not always clear why cultures are like this? Why and how do they impact me, my life and my job?

In my ‘Tasting Culture’ workshops I use food as metaphor to learn about other cultures and understand cultural differences. And I offer cross-cultural competency training and global mindset coaching to help executives, teams and companies become aware of their own culture and the cultures they are trading with. In understanding culture better, its values, motivators, drivers they benefit from working smarter with anyone, anywhere.

They can save time and money by avoiding expensive mistakes when working on international projects. You can listen to the Sunday Kitchen Interview 08-01-2017

Enjoy my menu: Artichoke Cream Soup – Cauliflower Salad – Hibiscus-Poached Pears
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